Saturday, March 31, 2012

Update on Springfield

Round Two for Springfield goes to............SPRINGFIELD!

After 3 years of Zoning Board Hearings, oral arguments were heard by Judge Chad Kenney on Friday, March 23, 2012 in Delaware County Court.  Attorneys for Springfield Township, Owner of Absolute Realty and two resident interveners, Rose Grelis and Mary LeTourneau, and BIG argued points of BIG's appeal of the Springfield Zoning Board decision, some listed below:
  • Municipal wide billboard ban vs site specific ban
  • Whether or not the Zoning Board has jurisdiction about site specific relief had the decision gone BIG's way.
  • Whether the Zoning Board abused its power in its' decision
  • Whether or not more evidence should/could be introduced in County Court
  • Whether the exclusion was justified by the township
After six days, the Judge affirmed the Zoning Board's decision.  BIG can and most likely will appeal this decision to the Commonwealth Court, but for now, a hearty congratulations to Springfield Township Commissioners, Jim Byrne, Solicitor and residents!!