Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More natural settings being targeted

A small stretch of Pennypack Park along State Road may soon be home to an electronic billboard. A City Council committee voted last Tuesday to rezone the park, carving out enough space for the sign along I-95.

The final vote will occur Thursday, but it is almost certain that it will pass. The package of two bills, sponsored by Councilman Bobby Henon, rezone the land so that the billboard can be placed there, and then create exceptions to regulations regarding proximity to other billboards (there’s one across the street).

While it is a relatively small part of the park (see below) and one that is hardly used, some residents are pretty upset over the proposed bill. Michael McGettigan, who owns Trophy Bikes, said that “billboards are the walking dead,” meaning that they are bordering on irrelevancy since most people get their media from mobile devices and computers.
The billboard will also be distracting, figures McGettigan. He flashed a bike light in the eyes of the Council to demonstrate his point during last week’s hearing.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016 - Digital billboards glow; residents scowl

  • "Real estate agents say homes caught in the glow could lose value."
  • "Your room will be red, then it will be blue, then it will be yellow, whatever the color of the moment is," Tracy said. "That is really an issue of quality of sleep and quality of life."
  • "They're not safe because the whole purpose of these things is to distract people,"
  •  "Quick, quick, quick - get your zoning up to date," she advised other towns.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Another Billboard has fallen...

Billboard falls across Bristol Township road